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Block Producer on XPR Network.

Our commitment is straightforward - we'll run our XPR node with integrity, striving to meet the network's principles of security and decentralization. We also aim to actively engage with the community and contribute to the growth of the XPR ecosystem.

Mainnet Node

API endpoint:
P2P endpoint:

Mainnet Rank

Name of Producer (Owner): xprlabs
Number of Votes: 400,855,201
Rank Number: 15
Last update: 1 hour ago.



In the vast and ever-changing world of blockchain technology, I'm excited to take my first steps into a new and promising  venture. I'd like to introduce myself and our upcoming role in the XPR Network blockchain.

About Me

I'm Ermin Mulalić, a Linux enthusiast with a growing passion for server administration. While I might not be the most experienced Linux admin, I'm eager to learn and adapt as I explore the exciting realm of blockchain technology.

Why XPR?

XPR Network blockchain caught my attention because of its vision for a more inclusive financial ecosystem. It offers innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in finance and blockchain, and I'm keen to be a part of this journey.

Our Node on XPR Network

I'm thrilled to announce our upcoming project - a XPR Network blockchain node! Running this node means we'll be participating in the XPR Network blockchain, helping to process transactions and enhance the network's security and decentralization.

Code of conduct

Collaboration: Teamwork among community members.
Integrity: Act with honesty and integrity in all interactions.
Compliance: Adhere to the project's guidelines and rules.
Responsibility: Take responsibility for our actions.
Transparency: Promote transparency and openness.


We are committed to harnessing cutting-edge technologies to achieve our goals.
XPR Network is a fast scalable, layer one blockchain that can run decentralized applications and make free and instantaneous payments.
The EOS Network Foundation is the hub of the EOS Network, charting a coordinated future for the EOS Network.
Cloudflare offers worldwide internet security and content delivery, enhancing website performance and protection with a vast server network.

You have any good ideas?

If you have any valuable ideas for enhancing our mission or creating excellent decentralized applications (dapps) using XPRNetwork, please don't hesitate to contact us.